Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crust & Crumble

It is the best when an unexpected food discovery is made. Today, a few friends and I went to a little place in Asbury Park called Crust & Crumble, at my good friend Jimbo's suggestion. Upon learning it was a pizza place, I had a quick "uh-oh" moment, but Jimbo told me that they have vegan options. So with curiosity piqued, we went.

Crust & Crumble is in an adorable shopping arcade, tucked in amongst funky stores and antique shops. The kitchen and bakery part are separate from the dining area, which was decorated simply and tastefully. We sat down and checked out the menu. This place offers a range of items beyond pizza, including salads, sandwiches, and pastries. But we all went for the pizza; we each got our own thanks to the personal (10 inch) pie option. You can either order from extensive menu of pizzas or create your own. I created my own; I got to choose my crust (whole wheat), sauce (marinara), meat (they had vegan meatballs and vegan sausage, but I skipped them), cheese (vegan cheese), and veggie toppings (artichokes, mushrooms). This pizza was SO good. Upon seeing it come out of the oven and right to the table, I assumed there was no way I could eat more than half of it since it was huge; but I managed to eat three quarters of it (yay leftovers)! The crust was crispy on the outside but had a good tear, the sauce was flavorful, the vegan cheese was melty and delicious, and the toppings were generous. I meant to ask what kind of vegan cheese they use, since I have to say, I really never use it at home. I'm not huge on using replacement meat or dairy products in general, but for a treat like pizza with friends once in a while, I'm really glad I have the option. Next time I go I will make it a point to get some details. Another awesome thing about Crust & Crumble? Huge personal pizzas for 4 people came out to less than $37. Delicious AND a bargain.

When I paid, I told our chef/waiter how psyched I was on the place and the vegan options, and he told me they are working on expanding their vegan items beyond the pizzas. Awesome! If you're in Asbury Park and looking for an inexpensive and really tasty lunch of dinner, check out Crust & Crumble.

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  1. Too cool! I will have to check it out when I am down!!! I know you mentioned Sweet Avenue the other day on FB, just wanted to give you a head ups, right down the street is a place called "The Rutherford Pancake House", they have vegan pancakes, tofu scrambles, veggie burgers, sweet potato fries and whole bunch of other vegan meals!! You can see the vegan menu online! Pancakes and vegan breakfast sausages are amazing!!!!! YUM! :) Anyway, just a little tip! :)