Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You might remember how excited I was to receive a juicer from my parents for my birthday a little over a week ago. Well I've finally broken it in! After I returned from my trip to Vermont, I made it a point to pick up fruits and veggies just for juicing. I bought apples, lemons, ginger root, and kale to get started. I also have carrots on hand, a great vegetable to juice. And much to my surprise, when I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items tonight, bulk bags of apples and oranges were on sale! I'm thinking of using the oranges with some carrots and ginger. I need some juice ideas! I have some recipes, but I am always up for trying something new. Anyway, here is the juicer in all it's pulpy glory.I can't wait for the March time frame, because by then I'm hoping to have the vegetable garden and cold frames up and running. The pulp will make excellent fertilizer since it's all natural, nutrient dense, and already somewhat broken down.My first juices have been simple, green, and delicious. For this one I juiced one lemon, an inch long piece of ginger, three stalks of kale, and 3 medium apples. This made about 18 ounces. I poured it over ice and had it for a healthy dessert. Sweet and tart, yum.

On a separate note, I finally started taking a daily vitamin. I was really ambivalent about this for a long time. But, B12 is an important vitamin that many vegetarians and vegans lack, and I'm borderline anemic, so I made sure I got a supplement with iron. I always hated vitamins because they made me feel a little sick, but by taking them before bed I have been doing fine. I figure it can't hurt. What do you think?

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  1. Dean's had all vitamins on sale this week!! I get the flyers! :)

    Anyway, I love juicing!!! We started a compost over the Summer and I always add my pulp! Our garden was booming last year (without compost) so hopefully this year will be the same!

    Happy Juicing!